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Look Good      Feel  Good      Do Good

The best in activated charcoal

Who We Are

At Firefly, we believe that beauty is on the inside.  You do not need to be flawless to be beautiful, you only need to look like you, because beauty is your whole self.  Be true to you and you will be unforgettable.  


We believe that the simple things in life are often the things that bring us the greatest joy. 


So go ahead and be yourself.  You're already beautiful. 

Look Good   Feel Good   Do Good

"We use their charcoal in our body care products. We are all about local and natural. It doesn't get any better than actually watching your raw ingredients get made by your neighbours!  

Highly recommend for quality... I can honestly say we've NEVER worked with a better bunch!"

- Riverstone Naturals, via Facebook

"So many things to say about these products and the staff. The attention to detail in the manufacturing of their product is beyond words.  I am so glad that we get to support a local company that sets such high standards for itself.  I will never buy another activated charcoal or bentonite clay other than Firefly again!"

 - Jody Chell,  Pestle & Mortar, via Facebook

"I am beyond impressed with the quality of your products! The added steam cuts down on the charcoal dust and makes for less clean up later. Much better than anything I have ever found online or in stores."


 -Manda MacCuish, via Facebook


Please see our collection of activated charcoal here

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